(Solved) – What is the best method to ‘getelementsby____’ from the following lines of HTML codes? As well as automating uploading files without sendkeys?


Hi VBA coding specialists!

I am currently in the process of automating certain IE functions. I was wondering what would be the best way to get the elements from the following two lines? (I’m planning on clicking them). I usually use the ID or name, but as you can see, there is none of this in the code. Was wondering what you guys thought would be the next best option?

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My next question, I can’t seem to find good resources on this. But say I have a file path in a cell that I’d like to use for uploading a file to IE. I can’t seem to find a resources that helps with uploading automation without using sendkeys. Do you guys have any guidance on this?

Thanks a bunch in advance!! Happy New Years!!

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