(Solved) – What is a GDA, and how can I determine if it’s been applied to a workstation?


Our workstations are on the DoD NMCI network. For a few weeks, some users have reported issues with linking Excel to data sources or programmatically creating a workbook using VBA. When I sent a trouble report to NMCI I received a response stating it’s a known issue caused by a recent “GDA for McAfee”. It went on to state that “GDA CMW00184993” has been issued and that the problem will be resolved once it is complete and replicated across the network. I take that to mean it’s currently being pushed and that some workstations have it and some yet don’t. That would explain why some users are not experiencing the issue, in spite of all users being on the same version and build.

What does “GDA” stand for? Is there a way to determine if “GDA CMW00184993” has been applied to a workstation (other than the Excel functions working again)?

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