(Solved) – VBA Validating Request and Writing Error Message(s)


I am a newbie with arrays and am struggling to wrap my head around how to attack checking cells of a row to see if they are blank and then writing an error message to another column, Error Comments. Depending on the values within the row there can be multiple messages to let the user know what the issues are. In addition, it would be nice to highlight the cells in question.

In my example I am looking at an array with x rows and 5 columns (Title, State, Language, Date, Error Comments). The first 4 columns would be required to contain information. The 5th column is for the message(s). If row 2 is missing State the cell is highlighted and message would be State is required. If row 4 is missing State and Date the cells are highlighted and message would be State is required, Date is required. Etc…

If there is anyone that could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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