(Solved) – VBA to select row(s) containing same ID in column, highlight rows, then proceed to next ID and copy ID to clipboard


I am looking for VBA code that will select row(s) containing the same ID in column A, highlight the rows, and then proceed to next unique ID in column A and copy the ID to my clipboard. This is to automate a very redundant process I have at work.

If it helps, here is a snippet of code from another macro that inserts a space between the unique ID’s in column A:

 Dim lastRow As Long
 Dim x As Long
 lastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
 Application.ScreenUpdating = False

 For x = lastRow To 2 Step -1
     If Cells(x, 1).Value <> Cells(x - 1, 1).Value Then
         If Cells(x, 1).Value <> "" Then
             If Cells(x - 1, 1).Value <> "" Then
                 Cells(x, 1).EntireRow.Insert Shift:=xlDown
             End If
         End If
     End If

 Next x
 Application.ScreenUpdating = True

Thanks so much for your help!

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