(Solved) – VBA Macro to find rows and store in array runs slow

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So I made a simple VBA macro to run over ~7000 rows of data – the idea is that .Find finds the cells which contain “1” in column G, so that it can store the row number in an array which I shall later throw back to another sub

Unfortunately the code takes too long to run – it begs the question, have I created an infinite loop in my code? Or is asking it to loop a .find operation over 7000 cells too much for vba to handle at a reasonable speed? (i.e. do I need to improve efficiency in areas?)

Option Explicit

Public Sub splittest()

Dim sheet As Object, wb As Workbook
Dim rangeofvals As Range
Dim pullrange As Variant
Dim c As Long
Dim dynarr() As Variant

Dim xvalue As Long
Dim firstaddress As Variant
Dim count As Long
Set wb = ThisWorkbook
Set sheet = wb.Sheets("imported d")
Set rangeofvals = Range("G1:G6939")
'need to set pull range at some later point

Call OptimizeCode_Begin 'sub which turns off processes like application screen updating

xvalue = 1
ReDim dynarr(3477) 'hardcoded, replace with a countif function at some point
count = 0

With wb.Sheets("imported d").Range("G1:G6939")
     c = rangeofvals.Find(xvalue, LookIn:=xlFormulas).Row
    If c >= 0 Then
        dynarr(count) = c
       ' MsgBox firstaddress
          '  MsgBox c
            c = rangeofvals.FindNext(Cells(c, 7)).Row
            dynarr(count) = c 'apparently redim preserve would be slower
         Loop While c >= 0
        End If

Call OptimizeCode_End 'sub which turns back on processes switched off before

End With
End Sub

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