(Solved) – VBA Filling Internet Explorer Forms form Excel

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I am completely new to this and been trying days to make this work but failed miserably.

Simply, I just want to fill the information onto the site ‘select picker’ section located left side from the picture

There is an element name ‘picker’ but it just won’t work (again, I am new to this).

The search bar is being completed using jQuery auto-complete which submits a form that navigates to an associate from the auto-complete box has been selected

I’ve tried these but no luck
IE.Document.All(“picker”).Value = “Testing”

IE.Document.GetElementByID(“pickerCtrl.currentPicker”).Value = “Testing”

IE.Document.GetElementsByClassName(“input-group input-group-sm”).Item(0).Value = “Testing”

Can anyone help me with this to work?

Inspect Element

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