(Solved) – VBA dictionary is empaty after delcaring it and populating


I’m not so good with VBA, thus I’m suspecting an issue with declaring and later on using the dictionary.

All code is in one sub:

Dim list_columns As Dictionary
Dim list_format As Dictionary

Set list_columns = New Dictionary
Set list_format = New Dictionary

For row = 1 To count_rows
    list_columns.Add rng.Item(row, 2), CStr(rng.Item(row, 1))
Next row

count_rows = rng_format.Count / 2

For row = 1 To count_rows
    list_format.Add rng_format.Item(row, 1), "date"     
Next row

Later on when I try to use the dictionary (example below) and loop through both of them, the “list_format” shows as empty.. (after creating I’m checking with debuging and it’s populated correclty). Please advise what I’m doing wrong 😀

For Each key_c In list_columns.Keys
    For Each ctrl In Results.Controls
        If ctrl.Name = key_c Then
            Debug.Print key_c
            If list_format.Item(list_columns.Item(key_c)) = "date" Then
                ctrl = Format(Val(ListBox1.List(0, list_columns.Item(key_c) - 1)), "dd.mm.yyyy")
                ctrl = ListBox1.List(0, list_columns.Item(key_c) - 1)
            End If
        End If
    Next ctrl
Next key_c

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