(Solved) – VBA – Concatenation and looping through Checkboxes & Boolean values


Below code pulls the values from 10 checkboxes and applies a respective Boolean check.

I’m struggling with concatenating the checkbox and Boolean names into a While loop. Anyone assist please?

If CheckD1.Value = True Then check1 = True
If CheckD2.Value = True Then check2 = True
If CheckD3.Value = True Then check3 = True
If CheckD4.Value = True Then check4 = True
If CheckD5.Value = True Then check5 = True
If CheckD6.Value = True Then check6 = True
If CheckD7.Value = True Then check7 = True
If CheckD8.Value = True Then check8 = True
If CheckD9.Value = True Then check9 = True
If CheckD10.Value = True Then check10 = True

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