(Solved) – vba autofilter rows A1 vs A2


The (current Excel VBA) autofilter below compares a column to two values. This is easy as it compares each value to JUST ONE external value (or another).
Question: what can I xlOr argument can I add to compare each cell to the next: A1 (expect float values)

    .AutoFilter 1, "<" & thisCell.Offset(0, 29).Value * (1 - thisCell.Offset(0, 30).Value), _
    xlOr, ">" & thisCell.Offset(0, 29).Value * (1   thisCell.Offset(0, 31).Value) '29,30,29,31

I can do a for loop but that would be way slower. I’m open to any non-loop-every-value options that might be fast enough.
(ps. I did search for some options as well. no luck…)

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