(Solved) – VBA Arrays – multiplying a range of columns with a single column in another workbook


I have a workbook – let’s call this workbook A. Workbook A is structured as follows:

Workbook A

enter image description here

Each column is age (40 to 100). Each row is a specific simulation of certain rates for each age. There are a 1000 simulations.

I have another workbook – let’s call this workbook B. In workbook B I have an array of data structured as a column.

I need to transpose the data in workbook A to have this structure – where now each column refers to a specific simulation.

Workbook A Transposed

enter image description here

Then I need to multiply each column in workbook A by the column in workbook B and output the results in another workbook C.

Any suggestions on how I can do this? (I am beginner level VBA)

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