(Solved) – VBA: Apply Conditional Formatting to multiple Excel Table Columns, IF data changes in another column


I have just signed up to Stack Overflow as it has been a huge help to me in the past. My first question on this forum and hoping someone can help. I am developing an Excel spreadsheet for a client. The main worksheet records the status of all work being completed for any client.

When a new client record is added to the Excel Table in Column A, I have set up conditional formatting to apply a RED FILL for the corresponding cells in 6 other columns. The red cells remind the user that data must be entered in those cells. When data is entered, the RED FILL is automatically removed. I can complete this using Conditional Formatting but unfortunately it limits me to only applying it to 3 columns in any given worksheet.

I am a novice VBA coder. What I want is to set up a an Event_Change macro (I Think!!!) such that, when a new client name is added in column A, the corresponding cells for that client in column C, D, H, I, K and L are automatically filled in RED FILL. When a user enters data in any of the red filled cells, the RED FILL will revert back to default fill. Attached is a sample, I would be delighted if anyone can help me. I would be very grateful if someone could enlighted me !! Thank you. Eithne

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