(Solved) – URLDownloadToFileW Sharepoint download URL with unicode characters in VBA


I have found that downloading a non-unicode Sharepoint Excel file from VBA using URLDownloadToFile works well. However, if the URL has unicode characters (Chinese) then I see that URLDownloadToFileW is required. However, I have not been able to get it to work. The URL is in the Excel Workbook.FullName.


ret = URLDownloadToFileW(0, ActiveWorkbook.FullName, sAttachFilename, 0, 0)

In this case, ret is non-0. I have tried:

ret = URLDownloadToFileW(0, StrConv(ActiveWorkbook.FullName,vbUnicode, sAttachFilename, 0, 0)

Same result.

Has anyone been able to download unicode URLs in VBA?

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