(Solved) – UPDATE statement in SQL half working half not doing anything [closed]

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So I can’t for the life of me figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong. The words, A LOT, comes to mind. But right now I have got half of the UPDATE to work but can’t get the rest of it to work.

DoCmd.SetWarnings True

If Me.butCompleteFlight.Value = True Then
    SQL = "UPDATE tblFlightRecords SET strLand = values('" & Me.strStopTime & "') WHERE strWorkingRecord = TRUE"
    SQL = "UPDATE tblFlightRecords SET strWorkingRecord = FALSE WHERE strWorkingRecord = TRUE"
    DoCmd.RunSQL SQL

End If

DoCmd.SetWarnings True

the strWorkingRecord switching from TRUE to FALSE works. The issue I’m having is the strLand is not populating, I used the same syntax as the INSERT sql that I used in a different section of the database but can’t find out what I’m messing up on this one.


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