(Solved) – Splitting Excel cell string while keeping font color formatting


I have posted this question before but it was voted as too vague. So here I am trying again.

I have a cell with letters with different colors. Each letter is evenly spaced with one another (See below). I need to split them into separate cells with their color formatting intact using VBA.

The actual font colors are expressed in [] brackets

I need to split:

  |A                              |
1 |Alan[Red] Betty[Blue] Cass[Red]|


  |A           |
1 |Alan[Red]   |
2 |Betty[Blue] |
3 |Cass[Red]   |

I was only able to extract values in the original string but not the individual letter’s formatting.

I’ve tried Text to Columns as well but all the split cells are not formatted. Even manual copy pasting does not work when only selecting partial string in the cell.

How can I accomplish splitting the string while keeping the color via VBA?

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