(Solved) – Sort subgroups of table while keeping null rows in place using Power Query?

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I have a power query that breaks a table down into subgroups utilizing null rows as a breaking point (conditionally formatted in Excel). Now, I want these individual subgroups have their rows sorted in descending order on the value in column B.

Image representation

Essentially I want to keep the integrity of the “subgroup division” in place while sorting the rows of those subgroups. I tried explaining as best as possible but feel it’s hard to describe. The table I made is a bit odd but fulfills the niche purpose of this report. If it helps, the gray and dark blue rows are “null” while the unfilled values in column B are blanks.

If there’s more info needed, please ask. I don’t know if I made this question clear enough. I think I can do this in VBA but I wanna try with PowerQuery first.

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