(Solved) – Sort method of Range class fails only on certain PCs accessing network file


Hopefully this doesn’t get caught up as a rehash of the normal errors with Range and Sort. I have a workbook that was fully functional and lives on a networked storage. The PC that primarily accessed the file was always able to fully utilize the workbook and runs Excel 2013. Over the weekend, we tested an Office 365 deployment that we had to reverse. The PC had Office 365 installed, removed, and Office 2013 reinstalled with all the necessary VB packages. Now when that PC tries to work with the workbook, this code:

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sales Log").Columns("A:P").Sort key1:=Sheets("Sales Log").Range("A1"), order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes

Throws the dreaded “Run-Time Error 1004 Sort method of Range class failed”

The workbook still 100% works from a different PC that never had the 365 deployment and has had no configuration changes. I am at a complete loss. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

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