(Solved) – Securing VBA or moving into VB.NET, C#, other?


I consider myself to be quite a competent Excel VBA programmer. Over a few years of my professional finance career I created quite a lot of useful procedures (UDF’s, some small or big apps with multiple user-forms and a lot of small, easy to do stuff).

I decided that I will take a step forward and try to monetize my work. I have looked at VBA obfuscators, VBA compilers and stuff like that but sadly, the protection from obfuscators seems to be weak (at least I think so, I cannot comment as I know only VBA language, I am not master in computer science) or in case of compilators, compilation modifies my code so much, that 1/3 of it is not working properly (I have tried to debug it, but no matter what I do it does not work).

I checked the amount of code I have and it is about 13-14 thousand lines.
Now – is it worth or even possible for me to translate all that stuff into VB.NET or C# starting from scratch?
I have no experience with any of them, I have programmed only in VBA. I have been reading and it seems like it is nearly impossible to convert and re-write the code due to differences in user-forms, no UDF’s, which I use in my subroutines and stuff like that. If it is possible, can someone point me in the right direction, what would be a better choice?

I am quite lost at the moment, as I have no experience and I know no developer who could “guide” me into this or that direction. What would be a good way to “translate” my VBA code and make a working app from it?
I know it is not easy, but if it will take me a few months of after-hours work, I will do it. The thing is that I do not want to completely waste the time and I want to do it right.

Thank you kindly for all ideas and your help. I hope my message is not completely off-topic.

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