(Solved) – Schedule query updates in two ways


Currently I have a workbook that contains 20 external queries to the web and excel through Power Query is in charge of processing it from json format to query table. These query tables are distributed one by one in different worksheets. All these queries allow me to choose numerical values ​​only, with which I perform calculation operations and excel formulas in a common worksheet called Conclution, therefore the values ​​are updated respectively in each worksheet that contains its table of query but the end use I give it in the Conclution sheet as I already explained. I continue explaining. All these queries in the form of a query table are updated every 2 minutes automatically thanks to the Data / Connections / Properties tool: Enable background refresh and Refresh every X minutes. So far so good. As I mentioned before, in the Conclution worksheet I perform calculations with formulas with the values ​​obtained from the queries through query tables, such as inequality operations with <=>. My question is: If, as the values ​​are updated, it is possible to establish a formula, for example B3> B4, then the queries in charge of assigning me the values ​​committed in the operation would change their way of updating, going from waiting 2 minutes to waiting only a few seconds. This would remain so until no more than B3> B4 is fulfilled. I have been immersed in the internet for several weeks and I can not get anywhere near a VBA code to achieve what I want: I do not know whether to use Private Sub Worksheet_Change or Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate; OnTime, DoEvent, Loop, helppppp !!!!

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