(Solved) – Removing duplicates in comma seperated string in every cell of a coloumn in MS Access


I am building an Access database which imports data from an excel file. Unfortunately, one field which is imported, contains multiple IP addresses with duplicates separated by a comma. I want to remove the duplicates from that string, so I can separate them afterwords and paste individually in a column with only the distinct IP addresses remaining.
My table looks something like this:

Host_name | IP Address 
mba678,,,, 156.234.567.12

And in the end it should look like this:

Host name | IP Address 
mba678,, 156.234.567.12

As the length of the column varies for each import, I need a solution for the entire column: IP Address. So far I only found solutions for an individual cell or a predefined array of cells but not for an entire column with random amount of rows…

Can you help me out?

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