(Solved) – Raspberry Pi Irrigation system

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first time posting here. I’m currently in year 12 and decided to create an irrigation system for my software subject major.

This is how I want to to work:

I want to create either a web server or application that will allow a user to set up schedules for when your plants are to be watered. I am going to use a raspberry pi to control solenoid valves through relays and also upload data (soil moisture, temperature/humidity) to this server or application so it can be viewed as a graph over periods of time. That’s the main idea although once I get these parts working I’d like do see if I can have the system check a weather site to see the probability of rain that day so it knows not to water the plants.

So far through year 11, I’ve learnt how to write make applications with visual basic on visual studio and i feel much more comfortable using that rather than a website as I just tried using asp.net and realised I have no clue what I am doing on it.

Just looking for some guidance on how I should go about this project.


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