(Solved) – Powerpoint vba If and then


Im going to be plain honest with you… I have no experience with VBA, Unfortunately due to Microsoft pretty much banning anything that could “Introduce harmful Scripts” I cant even embed an or file I know how to program, I am just desperate and I know stackoverflow can help because you guys are awesome, with this coronavirus problem I have been forced to work from home (im an infants teacher), I have tried to build a powerpoint my infants can use in a “Memory Pair Matching” game, meaning if a student flips a card and gets its pair they gain a point, if they flip two different cards they reset …in Laymans terms

if card1(Trigger Name) is triggered and Flute1(trigger name) is triggered
then remove them
else reset flipped cards…

the way I have it set up is 2 decks, the bottom one has the pictures the top one has none, If you click on the top one it runs a trigger that applies an animation to both sets making the top card invisible and the bottom card visible.

I know this is not how to ask for help, and I really dont like asking for it but Im on my last legs… Please Help

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