(Solved) – Passing objects from multiple projects of C# solution to Word VBA using COM Interop


I need to access objects from two projects of my c# solution within Word VBA. Below is my project structure.

Instead of the mentioned projects, there is another project called ‘View’ created using VSTO. ‘View’ project uses all other dlls.
enter image description here

I need to access objects from ‘Entities’ and ‘Server’ projects and I have able to create the .tlb file for ‘Entities’ project using this way and this.

I am successfully using the Entities.tlb file currently.
In order to create .tlb file for Server project, I have tried the same approach. Even the solution build is successful, no .tlb file is generating for the Server project.

Why the second .tlb file is not generating ? Are we only able to create .tlb files for one project within a c# solution?

What is the best approach to create objects of the C# solution with multiple projects to use within Word VBA?

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