(Solved) – Outlook HTML Email Body – Cannot Get font-size to be Exactly 11pt


The standard font we use in our company emails is Century Gothic 11pt. We create a number of emails via VBA, but don’t seem to be able to get the font size to be exactly 11pt.

  • If I use 11pt as per below, it gives me 10pt in the email.
  • If I use 15px which is supposed to equate to 11pt, I get 11.5pt.

Not sure what else I can try? We are using Office 365 Professional.

With OutMail
     .To = "a@b.com"
     .Subject = "Test Email"
     .HTMLBody = "
" & _ "Hi All," & _ "

This is a test email

" & _ "Cheers,
" & _ .HTMLBody ' appending the existing .HTMLBody which contains my signature End With

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