(Solved) – Open link retrieved from IE in google chrome


Since I am not able to save the files in internet explorer, I`m trying to copy the links to google chrome because it downloades automatically. Only problem is that the links are not working or I am not using the proper references.

If I turn on the msgbox it will give me the exact url that I need but It doesn’t work when I enter it in the shell line. What am I doing wrong here? Discard the code below downloadfiles, this was a first attempt to store all the links and save them all at once (but I can`t even save 1 file)

Dim allHREFs As New Collection
Dim TableName As String

    For iRow = 0 To 1
        TableName = "docTypeForm:documentTbl:" & iRow & ":j_idt250"
        On Error GoTo DownloadFiles
        Set allLinks = obJIE.Document.getElementById(TableName).getElementsByTagName("a")
            For Each link In allLinks
                allHREFs.Add link.href
                testing = link.href
                'MsgBox testing
    Shell ("C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationChrome.exe" & " testing")

            Next link
    Next iRow

    'For j = 1 To allHREFs.Count
        'obJIE.Navigate Url   allHREFs(j)
        'Application.Wait (Now   TimeValue("0:00:04"))


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