(Solved) – Microsoft Access – Autopopulate fields in a new record

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I am trying to find a way to make access start a new record with one field set auto-populated.

The idea is I am trying to make an employee attendance record form.

This is from 2 tables:

  1. AttendanceMain, which contains the attendance card ID and the date….. and
  2. AttendanceDetails, which contains the employee ID, time-in, time-out

Obviously, employee ID is from another table with employee details etc.

Now what I have is a form and sbfrm for the 2 tables above to record attendance.

What I would like to do is when opening a new AttendanceMain record, the AttendanceDetails sbfrm will automatically list all the employee IDs under the the employee ID field, and the user just needs to fill in the time details.

Is this possible? Or am I asking for too much?


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