(Solved) – make data csv appear into datagrid and count on chart c#

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I need you guys to help me

i have a csv data like this

csv data

and then I want to read CSV little by little into the data grid (not directly all)

there are 3 data in 10 seconds that enter the DataGrid


then the chart counts like this:

the chart

then next, there are only two data that enter the data grid


then the chart calculates new data that appears in the data grid. (but, not counting from the start. The chart only counts data that has just entered) like this:


according to me the interval used to calculate CSV uses a random interval. and the chart interval is 10 seconds. but i don’t know how.

I’m trying it but it’s an error, you can see it here:


you can ask me question about my project
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thank you for sending me help

jakarta, indonesia

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