(Solved) – Looping through select userform controls to print values in sheet


I have a userform that is used to populate an excel file regarding project tasks.

I have created code linking each control to the correct column and cell number, but i would like to be more efficient in my code to speed things up. I do not want labels, and certain textbox values to be inputted and also if a contorl is blank to skip to the next.

I cant seem to order the loop through the controls correctly as it does not print in the desired cells.

It is in the incorrect order, how do i rearrange this order. Also how to i prevent it form printing false for an empty value.

lastrowST = subtaskws.range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row

Dim Ctrl As Control, col As Long, range As range

col = 1

For Each Ctrl In AddTask.Controls
    For Each range In subtaskws.range("A" & lastrowST   1 & ":AE" & lastrowST   1 & "")
    If Ctrl.Name <> "TextBoxid" Then
        If TypeName(Ctrl) <> "Label" Then
            If Ctrl.Value <> "" Then
                range.Value = Ctrl.Value
                col = col   1
            End If
        End If
    End If
    Next range
Next Ctrl 

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