(Solved) – Login website with two form groups using selenium VBA


I am trying to devise a code that enables me to login a website https://www.change.org/login
with the help of selenium in VBA. I am accustomed to that but as for this website, I found two groups of form and I can’t specify the right direction for that
When searching using CSS selector like that .grouped-form I found two groups. And I have tried many things but the same problem of finding two groups
I even tried using XPath:

.FindElementByXPath("https://stackoverflow.com/html/body/div[2]/header/div[3]/div/div/div/form/div[1]/div[1]/div/span/input").SendKeys "yyyy"

but got an error.

I could solve it by using:

.FindElementByCss("#page .login input[name='email']").SendKeys "yakh777@gmail.com"

But I welcome more suggestions ..

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