(Solved) – Links to Excel break in Powerpoint


I am using Office 2016. I created dynamic Charts in Excel, meaning that I named data ranges which expand as new data is fed into the excel. I transfered the Excel Charts to PowerPoint and pasted with “Keep Source Formatting & Link Data”. However, as soon as I close and reopen the PowerPoint and refresh the graphs, the link to the Excel gets lost. This is how the data source looks like:

As you can see, instead of the Excel file Name I only get “[0]”

I tried to find the source for this mistake but couldn’t find anything other than this Forum entry without solution: Problems with Linked Excel Charts in Powerpoint

I have tried to paste the graphs as excel chart object in PowerPoint and in this case to problems with the link do not occure. However, I hope to find another solution since I need to format the graphs in PowerPoint, which is not possible with Excel chart objects.

Since I couldn’t find any documentation on this bug, I thought could maybe work around by using a VBA to replace the [0] in the chart data source with the actual file path. If I do so manually it solves the problem – until I save and close the ppt again. I tried several scripts I found here to change links to excel graphs in powerpoint, but wasn’t able to make any of them work.

My question:
1) Is anyone familiar with this problem with dynamic excel-graphs in powerpoint and can point me to a solution?
2) If not: could anyone point me to a VBA script which can replace [0] with a correct filepath?

Thank you very much for any help and best regards,

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