(Solved) – Is there an easy way to fill combo box from “horizontal” range of cells?


Let’s say I have a row of cells, which have the following values:

B2: "banana"
C2: "orange"
D2: "apple"

I take this range and turn it into 2-dimensional array (My main code is in Word document):

dim MySheet as Excel.Worksheet
dim arr as variant
Set MySheet = Excel.Sheets(1)
arr = MySheet.Range(MySheet.Cells(2, 2), MySheet.Cells(2, 4))

I have a combobox CbbFruits and I don’t want to add the items one by one, so I use the .list method:

CbbFruits.List = arr

But only banana entry is added. As I understand for this method to work correctly the array and therefore the range of cells have to be positioned vertically. But what can I do if I don’t want to reshuffle my cells? Is there a method to switch axises of an array in VBA or something?

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