(Solved) – Is there a function or a way in Microsoft Excel that could find the values that aren’t 100% duplicated?

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Here is my problem guys…
I have names of people who are getting aids from the organization I’m working at, however, some of them register their names with different spelling or different order trying to get more than one assistance and I should find them from the data here is an example

     **Names**                     **ID**
Ahmed mohammed Saleh  ----          3576158946  ----- Personal ID  
Waleed Khalid Ali    -----           5478698645  ----- Personal ID
Fatima Nader Aljalal  ----          4684325986 -----  Personal ID
Hussan Huessien Ahmed  ----           778569   -----  Family ID
*Ahmed Mohamed Salah*  -----             698745  -----   Family ID
*Waleed Ali Khalid*     ----             No ID

So here I have 2 people who registered twice,the last two in the list, my data has 4000 rows and I have to find a way to find the partially dublicates

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