(Solved) – Is it possible to find a list of all variables in internet explorer using vba


here is my situation. For work we use a Java based system that pulls account information when a call comes through. I have created an access form that uses vba for auto identifying account types and properties based on the account number, however the number needs to be typed in manually the first time and then saved to the database.

For privacy reasons, I would rather not save data even though I don’t keep more than 5 digits of an account number.

If I can find a way to call the needed variables from the open page then it would be unnecessary to save the values.

I have already got code to recognize the already opened page and set oWin to IE. However the site uses frames within frames and finding a single variable has been driving me crazy.

So here’s the question: is there a vba way to list every variable and its path using vba while searching through all frames?

I only have access to the source code by clicking view source and developer (f12) is disabled on all computers I have access to.

I know the variable exists and in the source is written as

MerchantNumber =xxxxxx2290001234

X’s added for security by me.

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