(Solved) – Interactive scheduling in ACCESS – need to copy/paste


I try to develop a Access software. I am a Motivated Begginner !!
I created a schedule, 1 texbox “zdtJourCalendrier” which represent 1 day. So, I have 365 textboxes (“zdtJourCalendrier1” TO “zdtJourCalendrier365”. When I double click on a day, the box change color and copy the day in other texbox that I named “Liste”. A picture to help: enter image description here

The purpose : If Liste1 is empty, we paste the day in Liste2 If is not in Liste2. We have 50 “Liste”

But it is not working – VBA procedure:

Private Sub zdtJourCalendrier2_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)

Dim j As Integer

zdtJourCalendrier2.BackColor = RGB(48, 211, 122)

For j = 1 To 50

    If Me("Liste" & j).ValueDefault = "" Then

    Me("Liste" & j).Value = zdtJourCalendrier2

Next j
    End If

End Sub

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