(Solved) – int array to returning to previous record


I have a standard form which displays information based on a partID. The form has a subform showing ancillaries of the part where on double click will take you to that part number (code snippet below). var_lastPartID is a global long variable which records the current ID so upon pressing a return button will take you back to the previous record. However, as this can only store 1 value at a time I imagine the best way would to be to store an array of long/int whereby upon the double click the current ID is stored. When you click return it will take the last value added and take you to that record then delete that record, so that the next time you click return it will take you to the next record. However, my experience with VBA is very limited and I have not used them before. Please could someone explain the syntax of how I could achieve this?

Private Sub childPart_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
    var_lastPartID = Forms![Part]![part_ID].Value
    Forms("Part").Recordset.FindFirst ("part_ID = " & childPart)
End Sub

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