(Solved) – In Excel VBA, is there a way to pass a string as a condition for evaluation in an IF block?


In VBA, is there a way to create a function which receives one of it’s parameters as a string with a condition to be evaluated by an IF block?

This should give an idea of what I am looking for, but I now it’s not that simple:

Function StringAsCondition(a As String) As Boolean

    Dim result as Boolean
    Dim b As Long
    Dim c As Long

    b = 4
    c = 2    

    If a Then
        result = True
    End If

    StringAsCondition = result

End function

Sub Test()

    Dim a As String
    a = "b >= c"

    Dim functionresult As Boolean

    functionresult = StringAsCondition(a)

    MsgBox functionresult

End Sub

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