(Solved) – How to use Excel to visualize or create dependency maps for linking Harware/OS/software/function/activities/target


I work for a multinational company, which have physical presence in several countries dealing with several different businesses that obviously have a specific goal or target. I need to find a way to show management the dependencies amount software, functions, countries, and targets. I will give you an example: Let’s say we have the hardware(1) running certain OSs(2). On top of this Oss we have specific applications/software/services(3) which allow meeting the requirements of certain activities/processes(4) which finally allow us to accomplish our goal/target/mission (5). Management would like to be able to visualize all these dependencies, to have a quick and easy way understanding of which thing depends on one another, so they could have a clear understanding in case service 003 is down how it may affect to activity XXX but more important to target or mission 024. I would like to kindly ask you for your recommendations about which tool I could use for this. At this point, management doesn’t’ want to spend any money on this tool until I show them something which can prove it is worthy to spend the money on it. My first choice is to use Excel because at this point it is important to use a tool which first works as a database to be able to migrate or export data later on, and also because it is something we already have, and is relatively easy to use. Does anyone have an idea of how I could use Excel to introduce all data in cells and at the same time being able to visualize later on de dependencies? Again, I know I will not be allowed to buy any specific software because it will also require a long process for the new software to be tested and approved to be installed, so I am willing to spend time learning Excel VBA programming if there is a way I can customize it to allow to use cell/colors to visualize dependencies.
Thanks in advance very much for your time

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