(Solved) – How to select the last cell that contains data in a specific column, and then use that cell to move to target cell with offset

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I’m currently trying to build a macro that will find the last row off column D, then move 3 up, and 1 to the right and insert data to that column.

The reason for this, is that the above cells are dynamic and can be deleted and added as you go along – the last cell and the cell I’m trying to target, doesn’t contain the same reference (except from the last line in any column, which are always 3 down and one to the right from D(LastRow).

Hope you guys can help, haven’t found a solution that worked for me in similar posts.

The below image shows the sheet I’m working on – The cells marked with yellow are the lastRow cell and the cell I’m trying to insert data into.
The cells marked with a blue ring, contains the dynamic cells, which gets longer/shorter depending on the situation.

I hope someone can help direct me to the right solution – I’ve already tried various solutions found on this site, but none has worked correctly so far.

Happy Holidays and a happy new year :)!
Sheet I'm working on

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