(Solved) – How to loop and cut/paste columns end of the row?


i need help in excel vba, i searched but couldn’t find exact problem.

First of all, here is screenshot;


as you see i want to;

  1. find B column and each not blank cell (except header, in this ss
    D3,E3,F3 etc.)
  2. paste at the end of the B column (here, first cut/paste to range(D3:D9 to C10:C16), other cut/paste E3:E9 to C17:C23)
  3. this columns could get too long (i think 250 to 350 column, so it had to loop)
  4. in second row there is dates but can we move next to the numbers? for example 2.06.2020 date should fill D10:D16

so if it works we can have pivot-ready format.

thanks for all.

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