(Solved) – How to insert table and bookmark into Word, one per page


I have a Word document that starts with one table on page one, and then depending on the data in an Excel file, I want to start inserting tables in subsequent pages, and just before each table, I want to insert a text blurb or caption. I’m using a bookmark to insert this text. After inserting the table, I want to add a page break, so that I can start the next table insertion on the next page.

The result I get from the code below places the tables and bookmarks in incorrect order, on seemingly random pages, and in seemingly random order, and the tables are not dimensioned properly (not 6X5 as they should be, but somehow they’re 3×3). How can I control the tables, bookmarks, and page breaks to order the document properly?

Dim wd as New Word.Document
Dim doc as Word.Document
Dim Rng as Range
Dim d as Variant
dim datMin, datMax as Date
datMin = "04/01/2020"
datMax = "04/05/2020"

Set doc = wd.Documents.Open("myFile")
Set Rng = doc.Range(0, 0)
For d = datMin To datMax
    Set Rng = Rng.GoTo(What:=wdGoToPage, Which:=wdGoToAbsolute, Count:=(d - datMin   2)) 'Go to top of page
    doc.Bookmarks.Add "D" & d - datMin   2, Rng  'BOOKMARK NAMES ARE "D2", "D3", etc.
    Rng.Bookmarks("D" & d - datMin   2).Range.Text = d   'Place Text in bookmark
    doc.Tables.Add Rng, 6, 5  'Add table
    Rng.InsertBreak wdPageBreak  'Add pagebreak
Next d

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