(Solved) – How to get the String value from the function as my code gets the compile error ‘Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment’


Below is my code to call the Function RandomBoysName to get the random name from the array of names in the function

Sub test()

Range("A1").Value = RandomBoysName

End Sub

Below is the function which returns the random boys name from the array.

Public Function RandomBoysName() As String

RandomBoysName = Array("Jacob", "Michael", "Joshua", "Matthew", "Christopher")

randArrIndex = Int((UCase(RandomBoysName)   1) * Rnd)

RandomBoysName = "TEST"

RandomBoysName = RandomBoysName & RandomBoysName(randArrIndex)

End Function

Getting the error Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment in the below line

randArrIndex = Int((UCase(RandomBoysName)   1) * Rnd)

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