(Solved) – How to force Excel add-in to load default settings on FIRST start up


I am developing a small Excel add-in for a company’s internal use. I have an issue with settings for some of the procedures.

Some of the variables inside my macros have modifiable settings, for example, a macro which changes number format to user-defined one, or shortcuts for some of the macros. I have dedicated user-forms for those settings and I save/read them to/from Windows registry using those forms. Users can also set default settings – this is a simple system with SaveSetting/GetSetting procedures.

However, I have an issue with loading the settings on start up. I need the add-in to load DEFAULT settings the FIRST time it is launched, and then USER settings next time the add-in is launched. I know how to load default settings, but I cannot figure a way to load default settings only once, and then load user modified settings (changed, or default, depending on their choice through the mentioned user-forms). Right now I am only aware of a way how to load default settings EVERY TIME the add-in is loaded…

Did anyone have this kind of issue and is willing to help?

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