(Solved) – How to create table in excel based on some inputs and forecast some numbers, with vba?

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What I have so far

Hi I am trying to forecast the numbers for the forecasted portion as seen in the picture.

There will be two inputs :

  1. Year – for each year after 2019, a new row will be added.
  2. Month – this will be the last month that the forecast will end at.

Example : if input for Year is 2030 and Month is June,

  • 11 new rows will be added (2030-2019 = 11)
  • Forecast will be for every month from jan 2019 all the way to june 2030

The forecast will be based on the previous 5 months. Ignore the 0 for december 2019 because that data is not available yet, so just take it as 0.

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