(Solved) – How to convert MS-WORD table to HTML in VBA/Python


I am currently extracting comments and its associated text from MS-Word document.
Sometimes comments is placed on MS-WORD table which I want to convert into HTML table.

SET osht = Activesheet
For n = 1 To nCount
With osht.
    'Commented text
    .Range("A"&n).value = = oDoc.Comments(n).Scope
    'The comment itself
    .Range("B"&n).value = oDoc.Comments(n).Range.Text
    'The comment author
    .Range("A"&n).value = oDoc.Comments(n).Author
End With
Next n

I am facing issue how to identify if comment scope is not a text but a MS-WORD table and then convert it into HTML

Currently MS WORD table is extracted as below in text form



Is there any way to identify commented text if a table and to convert it as HTML

Even solution in python will work using WIN32com library

I have tried python as well :

word_app = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch('Word.Application')
word_app.Visible = False
word_doc = word_app.Documents.Open(Path)
active_doc = word_app.ActiveDocument
comment_lst = []
for comment in active_doc.Comments:
    comment_lst.append({'commented_text': comment.Scope.Text,
                          'comment': comment.Range.Text})

But I didn’t find any solution in Python as well.

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