(Solved) – How to access non-node items in a SmartArt in PowerPoint?

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I have a procedure, which I call when I stumble upon a SmartArt in a bigger Sub that changes the proofing language across the whole presentation (It’s 2019 and PowerPoint still doesn’t have a button to do it!):

Sub DealWithSmartArts(shp As Shape, lang As Long)
    Dim saNode As SmartArtNode
    For Each saNode In shp.SmartArt.AllNodes
            saNode.TextFrame2.TextRange.LanguageID = lang
    Next saNode
End Sub

However, there are layouts (e.g. Alternating Hexagons), that have “decorative” shapes – these are not nodes, yet they can carry text and can have a proofing language set. Does anyone know, if there is a VBA expression to get to them?

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