(Solved) – How do you use a two dimensional array to plot a graph in VBA Excel?


I am currently trying to create a dynamic graphing code that reads in 5 arrays and plots them on a scatter line graph. I have made the code and read in the 5 arrays.

I do not know how to apply the data that I have to plot in Excel. I am accomplishing this task in a function. Here is what I have currently:

Function Graph(ByRef int1 As Variant, ByRef int2 As Variant, ByRef int3 As Variant, ByRef int4 As Variant, ByRef int5 As Variant)

Dim c As Chart
Dim srs As Series
Dim xValues As Variant
Dim yValues As Variant

Set c = ActiveChart
'Set srs = cht.SeriesCollection.NewSeries

xValues = Application.Index(int1, 0, 1)
yValues = Application.Index(int1, 0, 2)

With ActiveChart.SeriesCollection
    .xValues = xValues
    .Values = yValues
End With

End Function

I am trying to use a previously existing graph. The code needs to be able to use the currently selected graph and plot the data as indicated.

Let me know if you need any additional information.


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