(Solved) – How can I use VBA to automatically export a change log from a shared Excel workbook upon un-sharing the workbook?


I have a shared workbook on my organization’s network share drive which is edited by a few dozen individuals. About once a week, I need to take it out of “Shared” mode (let’s call this “un-sharing”) to do run some advanced operations on the data input by these editors, and make changes that require me to unprotect the worksheet/workbook. Also, I occasionally have to perform maintenance on the VBA code in the workbook, which also requires me to un-share the workbook.

The problem is that every time I un-share, it erases the internal track-changes history. I would like to automate exporting this history to an external change-log file, otherwise saving the change history every time requires cumbersome and time-consuming manual effort.

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