(Solved) – How can I upload live data from excel to my html site?


I’ve been working on this singular thing for a month – around 4 to 5 hours a day. I have data which updates every 5 minutes that I need to display on my website, which also updates every 5 minutes. However, it’s really got to me and I’ve almost given up.

The main thing I’ve tried is automatically exporting the excel file to a .csv file with a macro. Turns out, this hasn’t worked in my favour and I feel I’ve tried almost everything.

I’ve also tried getting the excel data with node.js, but this also hasn’t worked out for me.

Does anyone think that it would be possible to store my excel data somewhere online using some sort of macro? Then how would I get that data to my html site?

I know that StackOverflow is mainly for people correcting code, but I ask that is anyone has any ideas, please share them.

That would be appreciated.

As well as any ideas about the above, any ideas that aren’t linked to excel would also be appreciated.

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