(Solved) – How can I select several slicer items with an array?


I am a newbie in VBA and trying to select several item in a slicer for a pivot table. I created already an array with all items in it, which should be chosen. But my code only selects one single item at once. Could you guys help me please?

For cnt = UBound(Visible_Both_Years) To 0 Step -1

'filled array
MsgBox Visible_Both_Years(cnt)

'Loop through filter 
With k
    For Each l In .PivotItems
    Select Case l.Name
    Case Is = Visible_Both_Years(cnt)
        l.Visible = True
        Case Else
        l.Visible = False
        End Select

       End With

I appreciate any help!

Thx guys,


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