(Solved) – How can I create a Macro to update some fields value in a web based application?


Could you please help me in creating a macro? I am totally new to write any code. But currently I am working on a project where I have to do one repetitive task and it is bit irritating to do the same all the time. So, I want to create a Macro which will help me in doing the task easily. Here is what I do manually –

  • Login into Application A using an URL
  • Search for a particular order in ‘Order’ Menu
  • Wait till the order failed, Copy the Order iD (different than the one we put in step2)
  • Go to Another menu and search for the order id copied from above step
  • select all the entry populated
  • claim it, using a ‘Claim’ button
  • click each entry and change some particular values to a value taken from another web based application (application B)
  • repeat it for all the entries.

We use Chrome for opening both web based applications

Please suggest if there is any other way to do it. I don’t want to use selenium for it.

Thank you so much

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