(Solved) – How can I correct this “Compile Error: Else Without If” in VBA?


I am trying to learn VBA by developing a simple calculator application and am running into a problem when trying to deal with the possibility of the user attempting to divide by zero. Here is my code:

Sub Division_Click()

Call Calculator

user_input1 = Input_Box1.Value
user_input2 = Input_Box2.Value

If IsNumeric(Input_Box1.Value) And IsNumeric(Input_Box2.Value) Then

    Calc_Output = CDbl(Input_Box1.Value) / CDbl(Input_Box2.Value)

    If Input_Box1.Value <> 0 And Input_Box2.Value <> 0 Then

        Output_Box.Value = Calc_Output

    Else: MsgBox ("You Can't Divide by Zero...")

Else: MsgBox ("Please Ensure All Entered Values Are Numeric")

End If

When trying to run this code, I am told the final Else statement is without an If statement. However due to my indenting it should clearly relate to the first If?

If anyone could help out a confused beginner, that would be great! Thank you.

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